Meet Drea Michelle

Drea Michelle the makeup artist discovered her passion for art at a very young age. She was driven about belief that art could be anything she visioned, so she took it from there.

As an adolescent, Drea would seek different avenues to express herself. From drawing to painting and later found her interest in makeup.

In 2006 Drea attended John Robert Powers, School of Modeling and Acting, From modeling and acting courses to auditions and photoshoots, Her time there she ceased that she had developed a vigorous passion for makeup artistry. Several years later her journey began. Researching, youtubing, and reading, determined to study her craft, Drea sought a mentor, to be trained. She quickly sharpened her skills. From hairshows, fashion, bridal, runway, photoshoots and events, she concluded that makeup artistry was her gift. With her dedication, creative mind and consistency her mission is to create life changing experiences and to make a tremendous impact in the world of beauty.